Health tested Boxer Puppies for sale

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WAITING LIST DEPOSIT  POLICY:  I  use deposits to manage the wait-list, not to make money.  If you wish to be on  the wait list, please contact me to discuss what you are looking for.  If you decide that you want a  CMZ Boxer puppy, discuss with me the possibility of sending a deposit to hold a puppy from the next litter.  If I am planning to keep a puppy myself, I will choose a puppy first.  
 I will make the final decision on who gets which puppies, based on your needs.  What's most important is to match the puppy with the home, and we need time to evaluate and work with puppies to determine which ones are best for various environments .
Your deposit will hold your choice of the type of puppy you are looking for, and I will help you choose the best puppy for your needs.  In return, I expect that you will not purchase a puppy elsewhere in the meantime or change your mind because I will be turning down other buyers.  If  you do so, your deposit is not refundable.  If you prefer not to put down a deposit, that’s fine also.  Those with deposits will choose before those on the wait-list without deposits.

Boxers come in a variety of color combinations.  I advise you not to be married to color - it's the puppy's personality and conformation that is most important.  Be open-minded on color because there may have to be adjustments made to the color choices due to what is born in the litter.  The most difficult thing to change is your choice of sex, because clients are usually pretty set on what sex they want and I do my best to accommodate sex preference over color preference.

 My litters are often completely committed prior to  whelping, especially from those who have owned and been loved by a CMZ Boxer in the past and want a second or replacement dog.
Please contact us if you are interested in a puppy.  We have a wait-list and will consider taking deposits.