Health tested Boxer Puppies for sale

Where Memories are Made ,Families are Born!!

We firmly believe that the best source of a happy, healthy, true to standard/type Boxer puppy is through a responsible, reputable breeder. These breeders are far and few, so do your research and ask questions. The goal in breeding is to improve the health, conformation , while keeping intelligence intact. To accomplish this they must research many pedigree's, as well as study linage of health and longevity from many past generations. The harsh reality is that quality breeding is time consuming, very expensive, and you get what you pay for when purchasing a puppy for all the health testing, quality breeding dogs, premium dog food, vitamins, & care are not cheap...... but look at those faces, it's worth all of it..

Learn the differences:

Was the breeder responsible -- or irresponsible?

There are only TWO types of breeders:

responsible and knowledgeable

OR irresponsible and unknowledgeable

What do responsible, knowledgeable breeders look like?

 Responsible, knowledgeable breeders breed dogs together only when BOTH dogs have been medically tested for genetic health problems. Which health problems varies from euro to American pedigree's. A responsible, knowledgeable breeder knows which tests are required for his breed. ~Thyroid,  cardio~
Responsible, knowledgeable breeders breed dogs together only when BOTH dogs have excellent temperaments, i.e. not nervous, timid, shy, hyperactive, or aggressive.
Responsible, knowledgeable breeders understand genetics -- so they don't breed closely-related dogs. The same name should NOT appear on both sides of the pedigree.

Responsible, knowledgeable breeders sell their own puppies, right from their own home. They let you meet the parents and see where your future puppy has been living~so ask~  also ask if they breed dogs for a living (main income) or hobby? They will make you sign a bill of sale / health guarantee along with if you are unable to keep the dog/pup will take it back at any time during it's lifetime, they would never want there offspring to go to a shelter or rescue.